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At Gallery Dental of Oakbrook, we want to enhance every one of our procedures with the latest technology available. But laser endodontics is one area in which cutting-edge technology is especially important. Also known as root canal therapy, endodontic treatment can save severely damaged or infected teeth.

Laser endodontics offers numerous benefits. Dr. Peter Noto has advanced training in laser dentistry, allowing him to maximize the potential of this important technology. Plus, with his expertise in both cosmetic and general dentistry, he can ensure a beautiful and lifelike appearance for your final restoration.

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What is laser endodontics?

Root canal therapy is very common, and 15 million of these procedures take place every year. They are most frequently recommended for infected teeth, but in some cases, your dentist may use endodontic therapy to repair cracked or broken teeth.

During the procedure, Dr. Noto will remove diseased pulp from the center of your tooth. He will also clean bacteria from your root canals. Then he will fill your tooth with a soft sealant called gutta percha. Finally, he will reshape the outer surface of your tooth in preparation for a crown. He will typically place the restoration at a separate appointment.

In the past, dentists always performed root canal therapy with manual metal instruments. But  lasers have been used in root canal therapy since 1971. As technology improves further, laser endodontics has become the gold standard for restoring infected teeth.

During treatment, Dr. Noto will use the laser to remove bacteria, clean out your tooth roots, and prep your tooth for the crown. In some cases, he may also employ the laser to soften and shape the gutta percha.

Benefit #1: Minimal Discomfort

Our dental lasers combine light energy with a cooling stream of water. Since lasers are extremely accurate, Dr. Noto can typically preserve more of your healthy dental tissue using these instruments. In turn, this can make your treatment more comfortable, and you will experience less inflammation afterwards.

Plus, lasers are bio-stimulating, meaning they promote faster healing for a shortened recovery.

Benefit #2: Ideal for Those with Dental Anxiety

Lasers do not emit the vibrations or noises of traditional drills and manual tools. Your treatment will be gentle and quiet, a huge plus if you struggle with dental anxiety!

Benefit #3: Negligible Risk of Infection

In addition to removing damaged dental pulp, lasers simultaneously destroy bacteria. In fact, our state-of-the-art tools can even eliminate microbes 1 to 2 millimeters past the tips of your dental roots. Using these instruments, Dr. Noto can more completely eradicate infection.

Modern endodontic treatment already has a remarkable success rate of 97%, and side effects are extremely rare. Nonetheless, lasers further reduce the risks, making the likelihood of cross-contamination almost non-existent.

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