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As a parent, you’re committed to your child’s health and well-being. That’s why it’s important to visit a children’s dentist for yearly preventive care. But, there may be many more reasons to seek family dentistry services for your little one.

Has your child cut their first tooth? If so, then it’s time to visit Dr. Peter L. Noto at Gallery Dental of Oakbrook for their first dental appointment. Request an appointment for your child online here, or give our children’s dentist in Oakbrook Terrace, IL, a call at (630) 620-8300.

Meanwhile, let’s discuss four reasons to take your child to a children’s dentist. Early and proactive care with a children’s dentist can give your child a healthy, beautiful, and strong smile as they develop.

1. Prevent Tooth Decay

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), over half of all kids aged six to eight have a cavity on at least one of their milk (baby) teeth. Even though children eventually lose their milk teeth, it is important to treat them for cavities.

Our children’s dentist recommends yearly dental cleanings to keep baby teeth healthy, functional, and disease-free. However, parents should be on the lookout for early signs of decay, such as:

  • White or brown spots on the teeth
  • Noticeable pits or grooves on the teeth
  • Premature tooth sensitivity
  • Dental pain
  • Bad breath

2. Keep Plaque and Bacteria at Bay

Plaque is a sticky material consisting of food debris and bacteria that adhere to the teeth. Over time, plaque accumulates and leads to dental issues, such as:

  • Cavities
  • Gum disease
  • Bad breath
  • Dental infections
  • Microbial overgrowth

Ordinarily, twice-daily brushing and once-daily flossing can keep plaque and bacteria under control. But, children aren’t exactly known for their stellar oral hygiene practices. So, if you notice a sticky, yellowish film building up along your child’s gum line, then it may be time to visit a children’s dentist.

3. Monitor Bite and Dental Alignment

The teeth and jaws must be in proper alignment for optimal health and function. Misaligned teeth and jaws may lead to orofacial myofunctional disorders, including speech, swallowing, and breathing disorders.

Early intervention with a children’s dentist can address alignment issues as they occur, which can limit complications in the not-so-distant future. 

Here are signs that your child may eventually need orthodontic treatment:

  • Prolonged, non-nutritive sucking (as on fingers and pacifiers)
  • Low tongue posture
  • Open-mouthed breathing during waking hours
  • Tongue-thrusting while swallowing
  • Improper dental contact while chewing

4. Establish Healthy Habits and Relationships

The sooner you get your little one into a children’s dentist, the more likely they are to associate dentists with positive experiences. Not only that, but early dental care teaches children the basics of daily oral hygiene practices, like proper brushing and flossing techniques.

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