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At Gallery Dental of Oakbrook, we are committed to incorporating the latest technology, including laser dentistry, in our general dentistry procedures. Dental lasers offer numerous benefits, making treatment more comfortable and convenient for patients of all ages. Nonetheless, since lasers require specialized training and considerable expertise, not every dentist is qualified to offer this technology.

Dr. Peter Noto is certified in laser dentistry and dedicated to ongoing education in the latest treatment methods. He is a proud member of the Academy of Laser Dentistry, which requires rigorous training in the application and safety of lasers. Contact Gallery Dental of Oakbrook to learn more about our dental lasers and other advanced technology.

1. Lasers can be used for a variety of procedures.

Lasers are becoming a more common tool in dentistry with a projected annual growth rate of 5.5% by 2028. And no wonder – dental lasers are an incredibly versatile tool! Although Dr. Noto primarily uses them for general dentistry treatments, they also have applications in cosmetic dentistry. He may use lasers to:

2. Lasers can minimize discomfort.

We are proud to use the advanced BIOLASEĀ® Waterlase MDTM laser. By delivering a highly concentrated beam of light with a stream of water, these lasers can remove and reshape both hard and soft tissues, sealing off the remaining tissue as it goes. Waterlase eliminates the need for drills, which can often cause anxiety among nervous patients. In many cases, Dr. Noto can even perform laser procedures with no need for anesthesia.

3. Lasers allow for more conservative treatment.

Because lasers are so precise, Dr. Noto can often preserve more dental tissue. This means that, when treating a cavity, your filling may be smaller, and the overall structure of your tooth may be stronger. Furthermore, using a traditional handheld tool to reshape teeth can often result in invisible cracks below the surface of the tooth. This damage could eventually lead to infection and failed dental restorations.

4. Laser dentistry is safer.

The Waterlase laser never actually touches your gums or teeth. It causes less trauma to the tooth and allows Dr. Noto to leave more of the healthy tooth structure intact. This results in a more conservative restoration. Lasers also reduce the risk of bacterial infections after procedures, like non surgical periodontal procedures. They facilitate faster healing and tissue regeneration. Both the FDA and ADA have given their seal of acceptance to dental lasers, so patients can rest assured that the technology is safe, very effective, and even pain free.

5. Lasers can reduce the number of treatments.

Thanks to the precision of laser dentistry, Dr. Noto can often complete multiple procedures in a single office visit. This means less dental visits, less time in the dental chair and less anesthetic. You will not have to deal with your mouth being numb for hours, so you can return to enjoying your day.

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