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Are you or your teen embarrassed by crooked or gapped teeth? Do you suffer from jaw pain due to an imbalanced bite? Like many people, you may believe that clear braces are only a cosmetic dentistry treatment and that they cannot correct more pronounced orthodontic issues.

Clear braces definitely have cosmetic benefits! But they can improve a host of orthodontic concerns, including overall bite misalignment. At Gallery Dental of Oakbrook, Dr. Peter Noto will evaluate your bite and oral health to determine whether clear braces are right for you.

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How Clear Braces Work

Clear aligner trays work similarly to traditional braces. By exerting a gentle force on your teeth, they can shift them over time. However, standard braces use brackets and wires, which must be periodically tightened to achieve the desired results.

In contrast, clear braces use smooth, discreet aligner trays. Every few weeks, you will begin to wear a new tray. Each aligner, custom designed for you, will have a slightly different shape to progressively reposition your teeth. You will have regular checkups with Dr. Noto so that he can monitor your progress.

Problems that Clear Braces Can Correct

Clear aligners can improve your appearance by fixing minor misalignment, small gaps, and overlapping teeth. At the same time, they can also correct minor to moderate malocclusion. These concerns include:

  • Overbites
  • Underbites
  • Crossbites
  • Open bites

In some cases, these types of bite misalignment can put uneven or extra pressure on your jaw joints, resulting in TMJ Disorder. With his specialized training in neuromuscular dentistry, Dr. Noto can use clear braces to establish proper bite balance and jaw alignment.

Lifestyle Considerations for Clear Braces

Clear braces can be an ideal solution for many of the approximately 1 million American adults who wear braces. In fact, after a slowdown during the COVID-19 pandemic, clear braces are growing in popularity among adults. Some experts believe that this is in part because of our increasingly digital lifestyle. Video chat meetings, now a standard part of our lives, mean that today’s professionals feel more and more self-conscious about their dental misalignment. With clear aligners, adults do not have to feel embarrassed by orthodontic treatment.

At the same time, clear braces can also be a great option for teens. The subtlety of the aligners is ideal for prom photos, senior portraits, and the lead role in the school musical. Plus, clear aligners are safer for athletes. Not only are the trays less likely to lead to mouth injury than traditional braces. One study shows that fixed orthodontic appliances may even impact the postural stability of highly skilled athletes.

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