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3D printing has been a part of digital dentistry for decades and serves as a way to make precise, low-cost, and eco-friendly products on demand. Dr. Peter L. Noto pairs decades of experience with cutting-edge technology to create an unforgettable experience for his Oakbrook Terrace patients. With CAD (computer-aided design) software and the SprintRay 3D printer, we can mill temporaries, mouth guards, and more. In this blog, we explain how SprintRay 3D printing stands out by improving and simplifying the general dentistry process.

Biocompatible Materials

In a nutshell, biocompatible materials are low-risk and are intended to work with bodily processes. Also, biocompatible materials generally do not pose a risk for allergic reactions. SprintRay 3D printers use FDA-compliant materials for 3D printed parts, which are safe to use in dentistry and offer excellent mechanical properties (such as great strength and high resistance to wear).

High Degree of Accuracy

In-office manufacturing only pays off when the technology can provide accurate printing according to expected results. Furthermore, many 3D printers on the market promise high accuracy. However, not all 3D printers can offer repeatability like the SprintRay system. If you lose or need to replace a worn-out dental appliance, SprintRay 3D printing has you covered.

Increased Case Acceptance

Patient needs are not one-size-fits-all, so our in-office manufacturing shouldn’t be either. Our SprintRay 3D printer gives us more flexibility and the ability to offer a broad scope of revolutionary dental treatments. 3D printers are handy for comprehensive dental care, from clear aligners to surgical guides. This allows us to tap into new markets and increase our case acceptance rate to serve our patients better.

Rapid Appliance Turnaround Times

Manual dental appliance-making is time-consuming. Traditionally, a dentist would have to take impressions of your mouth, and then he would have to send these impressions to a lab for manufacturing. After a few days or weeks passed, the lab technicians would notify the dentist to let him know that his restorations, mouth guards, or other dentistry products had been made. Finally, your dentist would reach out to you to schedule an appointment to complete your dentistry service.

We believe that everyone’s time is valuable. Thankfully, the SprintRay 3D printer enables us to create 3D printed dentistry appliances in-house, reducing turnaround and chair time.

Potential Savings for Patients and Dentists

Usually, the high costs of running a dental laboratory are echoed in each patient’s bill. For example, a single traditionally manufactured crown can cost over a thousand dollars out-of-pocket. Your dental bills can add up when you pencil in consultations, a procedure, and other fees.

A bonus of 3D printing is that it dramatically lowers the overhead costs for the dentist. We can pass those savings onto our patients because there are no lab fees associated with using the SprintRay 3D printer.

Experience the SprintRay 3D Difference with Dr. Noto

Digital dentistry and 3D printing are here to stay. Although you might have preconceived notions about 3D printing, the potential for 3D printing in dentistry is endless. At Gallery Dental of Oakbrook, we believe that the SprintRay 3D system is a win-win for both patients and doctors.

Find out what all the buzz is about! Schedule an appointment with Dr. Noto by calling (630) 620-8300 or messaging us online.