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Over 500 bacterial species reside inside your mouth. Some keep your mouth healthy, while others incite disease. It is no surprise that some bacteria in your mouth will always remain, no matter how hard you scrub your teeth, tongue, and gums. Normally, this is not a problem. However, when you undergo dental treatment that exposes the inside of your teeth, the bacteria could occupy the open area.

Traditionally, dentists use rubber dental dams to prevent infection during veneer placements, endodontic procedures, and other treatments. Even though dental dams are a great tool for specific procedures, some patients complain about feeling uncomfortable and looking awkward.

Instead of dental dams, Dr. Peter Noto uses the Isolite dental isolation system at Gallery Dental of Oakbrook in Oakbrook Terrace, IL. Before you schedule your next dental treatment, read over why Dr. Noto prefers the Isolite system over traditional rubber dental dams.

Maximize Comfort

Of course, patients must keep their mouths ajar during dental procedures. Unfortunately, this can leave the jaw muscles sore after even short dental work sessions.

Conveniently, the Isolate dental system uses bite blocking technology to give your jaws more support. Also, this system incorporates dual suction, tongue retraction, and throat shielding features, and all these small features contribute to a more relaxing patient experience.

Additionally, the lights that most dentists use during treatment can be blinding. This is mainly for patients who are sensitive to light or have photophobia. You might be surprised to discover that this is not an issue with the Isolite system. Isolite illumination provides a more comfortable dentistry experience, shining from inside your mouth instead of your eyes!

Boost Visibility

Speaking of Isolite’s one-of-a-kind illumination experience, Dr. Noto benefits from 360-degree continuous illumination. This allows for no shadow or dark areas in the mouth, which helps him work faster, safer, and more accurately.

Enhance Safety and Predictability

Isolite’s products are designed with patients in mind, prioritizing safety and predictability. It has unique features that help protect patients and dentists against spreading infection, cross-contamination, and inaccessibility. Also, Isolite systems shield patients from accidental swallowing, injury, excess moisture, contamination, and tongue or cheek interference.

Avoid Procedure Redo

Procedure redos are our worst nightmare and are also inconvenient for patients. One of the top reasons dentists have to restart procedures from scratch is contamination. By using the Isolite whole mouth system, we can avoid procedure redo because we have the ability to:

  • Keep the patient’s tongue constantly retracted
  • Constantly eliminate excess blood and saliva
  • Attain a well-lit field to treat the area with confidence

Perform Faster Procedures

Chair time is a valuable commodity for both patient and dentist—another reason Dr. Noto uses the Isolite system is that it promises ultra-quick placement and removal times. Unlike a rubber dam which may take a few minutes to secure, the Isolite mouthpiece snaps into place in just a few seconds!

So, this placement feature can benefit you because we can allow patients to rest and take breaks as needed. Plus, with the Isolite in place, Dr. Noto can work faster and more efficiently than ever by dramatically reducing prep time and cutting procedure times up to 50%.

Improve Virtually Any Procedure with the Isolite Whole Mouth System

The Isolite dental isolation system not only works for us, but it works for you too. Experience the Isolite difference by calling (630) 620-8300 or messaging us online.