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X-rays are necessary for dental care. Specifically, dental professionals utilize CBCT (cone-beam computed tomography system) to capture cone-shaped x-rays to see the bones, nerves, and soft tissue in depth. Notably, CBCT technology allows dentists to diagnose and produce highly-detailed treatment plans before starting a new procedure. For example, CBCT scans can help dentists see all components of the mouth before successfully performing dental implant surgery.

Dr. Peter L. Noto invests in reliable, high-tech dental equipment (such as the Planmeca CBCT X-ray) to offer the best dental care possible to his patients in Oakbrook Terrace, IL area. Contact Gallery Dental of Oakbrook for more information.

Do you believe that all dental x-rays work equally? If so, think again. Continue reading to understand how Planmeca CBCT exceeds expectations as a method for diagnosing a wide range of oral health problems.

Exceptional, Multipurpose Imaging

We take full advantage of the remarkable, full-view patient positioning and clear graphics that the Planmeca CBCT x-ray provides. Not only is the quality of the Planmeca imaging exceptional, but the image utility as well. All Planmeca CBCT x-ray units support various 2D and 3D imaging settings, including:

  • Panoramic imaging captures the entire mouth in a single image (in particular, all of the teeth in the upper and lower jaws and surrounding structures).
  • Extraoral bitewing displays details in one area of the mouth.
  • Cephalometric x-rays help our dentist capture a complete radiographic image of the side of the face.

Optimal Dose Imaging

Daily, we are continuously exposed to radiation from our homes, our environment, and even outer space. Although radiation exposure is unavoidable, the American Cancer Society reports that large doses of radiation are linked to serious tissue damage and an increased risk of cancer later in life.

For this reason, we opt to defend our patients’ wellness with the world’s leading low dose imaging tests. Planmeca Ultra Low Dose™ imaging protocol allows doctors to acquire 3D dental images with low yet effective doses.

Automatic Patient Movement Correction

Generally, moving during an x-ray causes a significant problem: faulty image quality. With other CBCT scanners, patients often have to redo scans when they swallow, shift their weight, or generate any movement.

Planmeca CALM® movement correction algorithm increases patient safety and saves time by protecting patients from unnecessary exposure. CALM functions by recognizing patient movement and then self-correcting the image. This characteristic allows clinicians to capture an ideal image in a single shot.

Noise-Free CBCT Imaging

Some people are sensitive to sound. So, simply thinking about a medical scan can be nerve-wracking if you’ve been bothered by machines that emit a lot of noise (for example, an MRI machine) in the past. In most scanning machines, the noise itself represents grey values in projection images.

Although a high noise level is anticipated in CBCT machines, Planmeca CBCT x-rays are different. Every Planmeca CBCT promises noise-free CBCT images through the Planmeca AINO™ noise filter, and this invaluable feature reduces noise while improving image quality.

Take Your Dental Care Seriously by Trying the Planmeca CBCT X-Ray

In summary, Dr. Noto uses Planmeca CBCT x-rays because this system provides superior diagnostics while upholding high standards of care. Are you curious about our current imaging systems or other dental care services? Get the answers to your questions by calling (630) 620-8300 or messaging us online right now.