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Many patients think that cosmetic dentistry treatments aren’t something that they can afford. But, here’s a little-known fact: many cosmetic treatments may be more affordable than you think, including teeth whitening.

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If you use store-bought teeth whiteners, then you may not be aware of the benefits of switching to professional whitening treatments. In this blog, we tell you three little-known facts about teeth whitening with a skilled dentist

Dentist Can Formulate a Whitening Solution Just for You

Unlike store-bought whiteners, professional teeth-whitening treatments are not one-size-fits-all. This means that dentists can work closely with their patients to create a safe and effective whitening solution that:

  • Perfectly suits their individual needs
  • Prevents extreme tooth sensitivity
  • Reduces gum irritation
  • Removes stubborn stains

You May Save More Money Long-Term

The major appeal of store-bought whiteners is that they are seemingly more affordable. But, at roughly $30 per product, repeated purchases can quickly add up.

Professional teeth whitening, however, usually requires a single appointment to deliver dazzling results. So, even though the front-end costs are higher, patients do not usually need to attend multiple treatments to get their desired results.

This means that a single professional whitening treatment may be more cost-effective than months or years of repeatedly purchasing store-bought whiteners. So, save your time and money on store-bought solutions, and get professional whitening treatments instead.

Professional Teeth Whitening Is Safer

The Internet contains a wealth of knowledge, but not everything we see online is accurate. So, while a quick Google search may indicate that you can get professional results at home, that may not be true. And, indeed, it may actually be dangerous. 

Many beauty influencers tout the remarkable results of home remedies for tooth stains, but some ingredients may be harmful to our smiles, such as:

  • Baking soda
  • Activated charcoal
  • Hydrogen peroxide

Baking soda may look like a fine powder, but it is extremely abrasive. Patients who brush with baking soda to whiten their teeth may end up removing their tooth enamel instead of dental stains. And, once tooth enamel wears away, it does not regenerate. It is gone for good. 

Similar to baking soda, activated charcoal is also dangerously abrasive. While liquid hydrogen peroxide is not abrasive, it is irritating to gum tissue, which may cause prolonged discomfort. Not only that, but hydrogen peroxide kills oral bacteria. 

At first blush, this sounds like a good thing. But, hydrogen peroxide kills both good and bad bacteria in the oral cavity. Eliminating good bacteria from the mouth can be dangerous, as they are our body’s first defense against outside invaders. Without them, we cannot function optimally, which may leave us vulnerable to smile-destroying diseases and disorders.

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